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07.10.2015 - Nootka 1.2.2 stable
Bugfixes update

Have a look

For what?

      Nootka is an application to learn classical score notation.
It helps to understand the rules of reading and writing scores
and helps with developing skills of playing and singing notes.
      The application is free and open source.
      It works under Windows, Linux and MacOs.

For Whom?

  • If you read this, surely there is something!
  • for guitarists - it was began writing for them - for beginners and for more advanced ones
  • for all that want to develop theirs skills of playing and singing scores
  • for all to develop musical hearing
  • for teachers to support a progress of their students
  • for teachers to measure progress of their students
  • for parents of students to help their children


  • interactive interface to discover the rules of musical notation
  • exercises with possibility to create own sets
  • accurate method for detecting sung and played sounds and melodies
  • natural sound of guitars
  • clefs (treble, bass and others) and grand stave
  • analyze of results
  • different kinds of guitars and theirs tuning
  • Czech, French, German, Polish and Russian translations

Why Nootka is Nootka?

      What "Nootka" means, check please on Wikipedia. - it is quite verbose.
      If we cast this word on a realm of Polish language, it means "little note" - very tendentious and poor name - although close to essence of the application.
      My favourite meaning is the Ukrainian, where it is diminutive of Anna name and my daughter’s name is Anna...
      Moreover it has "K", as befits a KDE application and on the beginning it was coding exactly for KDE.
      I hope, you understand now that Nootka means more than only Nootka...

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