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14.04.2016       Nootka 1.2.5 stable

testing release for Android


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nootka2 Nootka 1.2.5 - stable release


Download Nootka for Linux Desktop:

Check first in your distribution package manager - Nootka can be already there...





Nootka for Android phone/tablet

Nootka for Android phone/tablet (x86 Intel Atom)

During installation process you will be asked to allow installation for unknown sources.

Download Nootka for Windows:


Download Nootka for Mac:

To launch it first time: hold CTRL and press left mouse button over nootka.app icon, then select "open" from drop down menu

Source code of the application


old stable release (1.0.1)

Get latest developers snapshot (usually, but not always compilable):

   hg clone http://hg.code.sf.net/p/nootka/hg nootka   

(It uses Mercurial versioning system )


To report any bug use Sourceforge bug tracker

Get levels

Play C-major scale Questions are sounds from C-major scale.
You have to play or sing them.
Play what you hear You have to play or sing listened sounds.
Scale from G to a1.
Sharps and flats. You can transpose.
Note names Give name of a note.
Letters and solfege.
Enharmonical names Practice enharmonic changes of note names.
guitar only Check how good do you know a fingerboard by finding sound in another position
play grand staff Play electric guitar from grand staff to XII fret

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Feature by feature and Nootka became big and complex project.
To be able developing this application further,
to finish version for Android (and other mobile systems later on),
an equipment capable for that is needed.
Simply, the PC I'm working on is to old for that…

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