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20.02.2017       Nootka 1.4.2 released!
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Nootka in the present

Nootka 1.4.2

- Fixed bug that stopped pitch detection after playing a note

- Under Linux, Nootka is available as AppImage
It doesn't require installation and works fine even with "old" Debian Jessie.

- Correctly detect default system language under Win 10

- No 1.4.2 version for Android
The previous 1.4.1 is up to date there, and above changes don't affect Android version

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Nootka 1.4.1

- Fixed issues with note range in custom levels

Nootka 1.4.0

- Single version for Desktop and Android
This version bump is mostly because of this. Now all builds go from the same branch of code.
Comparing to previous stable releases there were big code refactoring, and goods of c++11 are used widely. Android versions benefited of those from very beginning, and now Nootka for all supported platforms uses it.

- Melodies are more... melodic
There is a new method to randomize notes in generated melodies, so melodies are more realistic and exercises are closer to real pieces.

- Melody can be generated (composed) from a few selected notes
There is a new option in the level creator to select custom set of notes. It could be in example pentatonic scale.
If key signature range is set, select notes will be transposed into random keys.


- Improved GUI elements
Due to adjustments Nootka look to mobile requirements, desktop version also got some improvements.
pane menu

- [Android] Added dialog for quick audio settings
Android device volume keys are used to invoke dialog with audio settings. Still they can be used to adjust output volume, but this quick dialog is to manage minimal input strength for pitch detection, and, maybe first of all it can be used for tuning. If someone never try to use Nootka for tuning - it is very good in it.


- [Android] Reduced paint operations
Now, Nootka works even four times faster on mobile than before. Especially when it matters painting, so all animations work light.
Overloaded painting was also a reason of crashes or inaccurate pitch detection

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